Alexandrite Laser Device

Laser hair removal is the most effective method of getting rid of unwanted hairs. Whether you are a male or a female, you may get rid of your unwanted hairs safely and permanently by laser hair removal, which is preferred frequently. Thanks to the powerful cooling system available on it, Alexandrite laser equipment, which may be used on any part of the body, ensures that you get a hairless and smooth skin comfortably without feeling any pain.

What is Alexandrite Laser Device?

Alexandrite Laser is a type of laser that is used in treatment of unwanted hairs. It operates in a wavelength of 755 nm. Alexandrite Laser device, which gives effective results on pale skin and black hairs, is the most commonly used laser type, and it provides the highest patient satisfaction rating.

On Which Areas is Alexandrite Laser Device Used?

Alexandrite Laser device is used for removal of unwanted hairs on the body. This device, which does not cause any spots on the skin, provides effective results in below procedures;

What are the Benefits of Alexandrite Laser Device?

Treatment that is provided by Alexandrite Laser device has many benefit, such as;

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