Dr. Lida Çiteli

Treatment Areas

Dr. Lida Çiteli, has been providing services satisfactorily for skin care and non-surgical aesthetic procedures with an experience of 18 years. Below you may find detailed information on skin rejuvenation, filling, laser treatment and regional slimming services that are provided by our doctor's office.

Filling Procedures

Filling procedures may help you to have prominent facial lines, to remove wrinkles and to have more voluminous and attractive lips.

Botox Procedures

We are at your service by providing state-of-the-art Botox treatments in order to remove wrinkles available on your face and various parts of your body and to provide a solution for excessive sweating.

Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

A glowing, baby-like skin is waiting for you when you undergo state-of-the-art and innovative skin rejuvenation procedures.

Laser Therapy

By laser treatments, we make sure that you have a smoother and glowing skin by removing tattoos, acnes and wound scars, and by minimising pores.

Regional Slimming and Weight Loss Procedures

We help you to get rid of your extra weight by performing various regional slimming procedures, such as cold lipolysis, radiofrequency, velashape 3, G5 massage, lymphatic drainage massage and anti-cellulite massage etc.

Non-Surgical Aesthetic

We are giving you an attractive look by state-of-the-art medical aesthetic procedures without any need for any operations.

Hair Treatments

PRP (platelet rich plasma) prevents hair loss by hair mesotherapy and hair fillers, and we ensure that you have livelier, shiny and abundant hair.

Immune Therapies

We strengthen your immune system by various procedures, such as glutathione and ozone therapy etc., and thus, we increase your resistance to diseases.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

We make sure that you have a smooth skin by saving you from your unwanted hairs via state-of-the-art and innovative laser procedures.

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