Fotona Q Switch QX Max

Fotona Q Switch QX Max, which offers four different wavelengths, is used satisfactorily for removal of pigment lesions, in skin rejuvenation procedures and treatment of vascular problems. Dr. Lida Çiteli, who acts in line with the principle to provide services by using latest and most developed technological devices at all times, is at your service with Fotona Q Switch QX Max device.

How does Fotona Q Switch QX Max Device work?

Nanosecond-lasting pulses are sucked, dissolved and taken into the cell by pigments and are removed from relative region without damaging the skin surface. The device, which provides rapid recovery period, has no side effects. This method, which is used reliably on individuals with any type of skin, is becoming one of the most popular procedures in removal of spot problems.

Laser beams, which are delivered to the skin by Fotona Q Switch QX Max, make an impact only on the targeted area. It does not damage surrounding healthy tissues in anyway whatsoever. It decreases the appearance of skin spots. The device also triggers the natural collagen production of your skin. Thus, tightness of your skin would increase, its pores would become tighter and would gain a younger appearance. Color and tone differences that are available on different parts of your skin would also decrease considerably.

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For which treatments is Fotona Q Switch QX Max used?

Capillary Vessel Treatment

Being exposed to the sun too much causes thin skin on those with dry skin. Such situation causes capillary vessel problems to occur. Contrary to popular belief, treatment of this problem is not a very difficult process.

Although the treatment period varies based on the size and structure of the capillary vessel, it may be treated by a single session of Fotona Q Seitch QX Max most of the times. We may say that session times take less than half an hour in general.

No pain is felt during this procedure. Topical anesthesia may be used to remove the sensation of tingling or burning that is felt seldomly.

Tattoo Removal by Laser

You may get laser treatment to have unwanted tattoos removed from your body. You may get rid of minimal tattoos easily and in a short period. Size of the tattoo would be effective on the treatment period. In this procedure, there are certain issues, which you must consider after sessions that are performed under local anesthesia.

First of all, you must not intervene the crusting that may occur after the session. Please make sure that relative area does not contact with water for 24 hours. You must protect yourself from solar rays. You must also protect yourself from solar rays.

Acne Scars and Anti-Stretch Mark Treatment

It is very likely for anyone to face acnes and spots in adolescence. Although there are medications administered to remove such problems, such method must be considered as the last resort. Yet, such drugs have many side effects. However, one may get rid of such problems very rapidly and easily by fractional laser treatment.

Treatment of Spots and Lentigines

It is unavoidable to have spots and lentigines on the skin that is sensitive to sunlight, i.e. such individuals must protect themselves from the sunlight even after receiving treatment for spots and lentigines.

Fotona Q Switch QX Max for Removing Sunspots

Solar beams cause occurrence of spots on the skin. Various parts of our body that are left uncovered are under the risk of having such spots, such as our hands, face and neck etc. Sunspots, which we may consider as harmless in terms of health, annoy us aesthetically. However, one may get rid of any pigmentation problems by Fotona Q Switch QX Max, including sunspots. Pigments available in the skin are dissolved by light pulses, and are sucked in by the body naturally. It has no side effects. It provides a painless and confortable treatment experience. It triggers the body to produce collagens, and it triggers rejuvenation. If you also wish to get rid of spots and pigment problems on your body, you may contact Dr. Lida Çiteli before it is too late.

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