Plexr Device

One of the issues, which deteriorate an aesthetic look around the eye area, is droopy eyelids. With Plexr device, it is now very easy to get rid of such situation, which makes an individual look both aged and tired, by this non-surgical procedure. By using Plexr Eyelid Aesthetic, which is applied on a specific point on the sagging skin, you may get rid of droopy eyelids and get a younger and robust look without any surgical scars.

What is Plexr Device?

It is a device, which is developed by Italian technology and which is used in treatment of various skin lesions and for non-surgical tissue tightening and for decreasing deep lines and wrinkles.

It applied on the top layer of the skin from a specific point. It transforms the application area from solid state to gas state directly. It makes an impact by transforming the azote and water vapor, which are in gas state, into plasma by a high energy. Plexr device forms a small electrical arc on the application area without transferring any painful heat to surrounding tissues.

In Which Illnesses is Plexr Device Used?

Plexr device is used in;

What are the Benefits of Plexr Device?

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