Fotona ND YAG Laser

Thanks to Fotona Brand ND: YAG Lasers, you may get a smooth, radiant and attractive skin by removing unwanted hair. This device, which may destroy hair roots by making an impact at deeper layers of the skin, is one of the most effective laser devices used to remove hair.

Fotona ND:YAG Lasers, which are used in vascular and varicosis treatment, help you to obtain a smoother and attractive skin by removing unwanted hair on your body.

What is ND Laser Fat Reduction?

ND:YAG lasers are types of lasers with a wavelength of 1064 nm. Its absorption is lower compared to other lasers. Fotona brand ND:YAG Lasers are used in our doctor’s office. Foton ND:YAG Lasers provide treatment by even penetrating into hair roots and veins. Thermal energy of the laser ensures that it reaches to the required point.

By Q-Switched technology, laser beams turn into photo acoustic waves instead of heat and dissolves various particles, such as unwanted pigments and tattoo ink etc., and the body eliminates such particles within its own system. With the use of the innovative FracTAT technology provided by Fotona, micro holes are created on the skin to ensure that gas and ink particles are broken down easily. Thus, it creates a huge difference in cleaning and rejuvenation of the skin."

What Treatments are the Fotona ND:YAG Lasers Used for?

Fotona ND:YAG Lasers are used for

In Which Areas are Fotona ND:YAG Lasers Used?

Fotona ND:YAG Lasers may be used on any part of the body, including genital areas and arm pits. It is effective on thick and widespread thick hair. It is not recommended for thich hair, which are available on the facial area a few, and fine facial hair, except the hair available above the lip.

What are the Benefits of Hair Removal by ND:YAG Lasers?

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