InMode is a unique and state of the art device, which is developed for those who wish to have a tighter, younger and smoother skin. InMode is a device that may be combined with multitherapy flexibly thanks to its adjustable applicators. Radio Frequency procedures, IPL skin rejuvenation procedures, fractional skin resurfacing procedures and body shaping procedures may be performed by a single device thanks to InMode. InMode device, which uses a non-invasive method, allows us to intervene several problems of patients during a single session. Dr. Lida Çiteli, who acts based on the principle of using state of the art devices and most modern methods for its patients at all times, explained the technical specifications, advantages and usage areas of InMode.

May Treatments Be Combined?

Yes. Combined treatment may be applied to obtain the best results from treatment methods presented by InMode device. If the treatment area is not large, then such procedures may be performed in a single session. If the treatment area is large, several sessions may be held for treatment. At this point, physicians and patients plan the treatment process together. Let’s review the specifications of InMode, which is also referred to as Morpheus 8, Body FX, Forma Plus etc.

What is the Most Effective Treatment for Wrinkles?

If you worry about fine lines, deep wrinkles and skin blemishes that source from aging, you may assess Fractora, which is another method that is available within the body of InMode. Fractora method is a developed treatment method, which includes Ablation and radio frequency and skin rejuvenation technologies as well. It is generally used on the lower and higher eyelid, mouth, neck, smile lines and cheek areas.

What is Morpheus 8?

Morpheus 8 or in other words, fractional radiofrequency application is a method that is used to look aesthetic and for skin rejuvenation purposes frequently in recent years. It is effective in decreasing skin deformations and wrinkles, which source from aging and environmental factors. Morpheus 8, which ensures that the skin gets a radiant and livelier look than it has, is applied in sessions. Effectiveness of the procedure varies based on the numbers of sessions. One session is completed in approximately 35 to 40 minutes. It is normal to see temporary redness or edema after the procedure. Such redness and swellings would disappear automatically in several days. Your physician would make the final decision on how many sessions it will be applied.

In Morpheus 8, lower layers and surface of the skin are targeted. It is an attractive alternative for individuals, who would like to take years off their face without undergoing any surgery. Morpheus 8, which may be used not only on the face safely, but also on various parts of the body, is extremely comfortable since it does not include any surgical procedures.

It makes the impact of a controlled trauma at the problematic lower layers of the skin. It triggers natural collagen production of the skin. With the increase in collagen production, scars and wrinkles recover rapidly. Skin begins to renew itself rapidly.

Usage Areas of Morpheus 8

Advantages of Morpheus 8

Morpheus 8 is a very painless and comfortable procedure compared to other skin rejuvenation methods. Morpheus 8 has become more popular day by day since it may be performed in a short period and since it does not require performing any surgical interventions.

This method, which may be applied on various points of both the face and body, is very effective in removal of skin defects, as well energizing and rejuvenation of the body. It is very effective particularly in treatment of cracks that are spread on a broad area at the leg zone. In Morpheus 8, which may be applied on several areas at the same time, treatment response time of each area is different. Therefore, a target oriented plan must be made. One of the conditions of achieving required solutions is to come sessions uninterruptedly and to follow the advices of your doctor.

How is Morpheus 8 Applied?

After planning treatment, area where the procedure will be performed is cleaned on the appointment date. Then, local anesthetic cream is applied in order to ensure that the procedure is performed comfortably. Application is performed after the anesthetic cream takes effect. Needles, which deliver fractional radio frequency, deliver high frequency radiowaves to the lower layers of the skin. Session is completed in 35 to 40 minutes.

What is Body FX?

Body FX is a method, which is used to help individuals get in shape against sagging skin and fat deposits, and which works with both vacuum-like negative pressure and radiofrequency energy at the same time. In Body FX, which is an extremely successful method in discharge of stubborn regional fat tissues from the body, radiofrequency energy that makes an impact on any layer of the skin ensures that the loose skin is tightened. It makes sure that the skin is tightened and that regional slimming is achieved. Furthermore, Body FX, which is one of the most successful devices in cellulite treatment as well, makes a difference thanks to its vacuum-like negative pressure.

Body FX gives you the opportunity to solve several problems by a single device and to get a tight and fit-looking body without undergoing any surgery.

Regional Slimming with Body FX

It is an ideal solution for individuals, who don't have any weight problems, but who can’t get rid of stubborn regional fats that are located at certain parts of their body, and who may not achieve regional slimming even though they go on diets or do sports. Body FX allows you to get rid of the fat, which is located at abdomen, waist and hip regions.

Body FX does not require you to undergo any surgeries, and does not cause you any pain… Numbers and frequency of sessions may vary by the region, which is targeted by the procedure, and from person to person. It is generally applied in 6-8 sessions with an interval of one week. Each session lasts in 30-40 minutes.

Regional Tightening with Body FX

Body FX is one of the most preferred methods for abdominal tightening. It gives extremely good results on loose skin, which occurs due to various reasons, such as aging, pregnancies and yo-yo dieting etc. It provides skin tightening, as well as a considerable amount of shrinkage in body size. It is commonly used on the abdomen and waist followed by legs and back area.

Treatment is planned in consideration of the specific condition of the patient. Numbers and intervals of sessions are also determined specific to the patient. It is generally performed in eight sessions at one-week intervals. Numbers of sessions may be increased, if it is deemed as required. Body FX technology may be used with other body tightening applications, if required.

Cellulite Treatment with Body FX

Body FX technology works with radiofrequency energy and vacuum-like negative pressure. Thus, such features make Body FX the most effective method in cellulite treatment. By this method, which may be implemented twice in a week, you may get rid of your cellulitis and achieve smooth legs at the end of eight sessions.

Main reason of the orange peel appearance, which is referred to as cellulite, is enlargement of the subcutaneous fat tissue, and overflowing of the same from vertical bands, which are liable to hold such tissue. Radiofrequency energy ensures that such fat tissue shrinks. Overflowing fat cells gain their former shape and thus, that annoying dented appearance is removed.

What is Forma Plus?

Collagen fibres become loose and extended due to aging. Such condition is removed by application of heat on the connective tissue by radiofrequency energy. Collagen fibres get back into their playing shape by Forma Plus application. Forma Plus, which may also recover the facial oval, creates significant lines on your face and ensures that you get a young appearance. Forma Plus sessions, which take 30 to 45 minutes like other InMode applications, are result oriented, and they are applied in 4 to 6 sessions in average.

By Forma Plus, the choice of those who are looking for a non-surgical solution to sagging skin, you may lose weight, get tighter skin and get into shape without any surgeries.

Collagen production decreases, as we get older. This reduction in collagen production causes sagging skin just like yo-yo dieting or pregnancy period etc. Forma Plus may be listed at the top of most effective methods that are used for treating such deformations. Forma Plus technology provokes lower tissues of the skin and increases collagen production. Skin repair and renewal processes are also accelerated by the collagen production that is triggered. Forma Plus does not do any harm to the skin surface. It only affects the tissue, on which it is focused. By Forma Plus, skin gets into a rapid and natural recovery process by using its own sources. Collagen fibres are reinforced, and wrinkles occur less, and irregular appearance that sources from sagging skin is removed. Blood circulation and waste discharge system are also activated in the tightened region. Fat that is dissolved by this method is discharged from the body easily. Forma Plus, which may be applied at seven to fourteen-days intervals, is a painless and comfortable treatment. It does not affect your daily life. It is generally planned to be performed in six to eight sessions.

Effects of Forma Plus Application on the Body

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