Ozone Therapy

Today, ozone gas is used effectively for circulatory system diseases in particular, as well as infections, rheumatic diseases, anti-aging treatments and Covid illness.

Ozone Therapy Device, which gives quite satisfactory results in treatment of wrinkles that increase with aging, renews oxygen-starved cells by increasing the density of blood in capillaries. Thus, recipients get a livelier and smoother skin by ensuring cellular rejuvenation.

What is Ozone Therapy Device?

Ozone gas treats illnesses, which occur in the body, by stimulating the immune system. Ozone therapy device is used to treat illnesses by ozone gas. Ozone therapy device, which is used in our doctor’s office, accelerates cellular rejuvenation, eliminates the problem of low level of oxygen in the blood by increasing oxygen carrying capacity and elasticity of red blood cells, as well as fluidity of blood. As a result, veins become wider and vascular occlusion is prevented.

In Treatment of Which Illnesses is Ozone Therapy Device Used?

Although ozone therapy was used for circulatory system diseases in the beginning, it is now used for anti-aging treatments, infections, rheumatic diseases and Covid illness effectively.

Anti Aging Care

Blood flow significantly decreases with increase in age, and thus, cells fail to receive sufficient amount of oxygen in some areas. Oxygen-starved cells become dry by losing their liveliness. Such situation causes wrinkles on the skin in particular.

Ozone treatment increases density of blood in capillaries by ensuring blood circulation in the body, and it provides cellular rejuvenation by supplying blood that is rich in oxygen, and it also ensures production of new cells by removing away from the skin the cells, which are not alive any more. Thus, it ensures cellular rejuvenation and delays aging thanks to its anti-aging characteristic.

Autoimmune Diseases

Ozone treatment is used intensely in treatment of various autoimmune diseases, such as fibromyalgia etc. In autoimmune diseases, the immune system perceives the body's various tissues and organs as foreign, and begins to attack. Thus, inflammatory reactions occur in tissues. The symptoms of chronic tiredness, muscle pain, sleep disorder, and regress in various cognitive functions, such as language and memory etc., are observed in fibromyalgia, which is one of the autoimmune diseases, and it deceased the quality of life.

Ozone treatment reinforces the immune system by stimulating the protection mechanism of the body in such circumstances. Thus, it treats fibromyalgia and rheumatic diseases completely.

Chronic Muscle Fatigue

Ozone treatment is also used in treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases. Endorphin release is stimulated by ozone treatment, and edema is decreased in muscle cells by activating antinoseptive system, and muscle pain is decreased. Ozone treatment decreases superoxide radicals that are effective in the muscle system, regulates cytokine release and regulates prostaglandins, and thus, it eliminates any inflammatory formations that may occur on muscles. Ozone treatment is an effective therapy in acute injuries and chronic muscle fatigue.

Covid and Post Covid Cases

Ozone treatment has several antiviral effects too. Therefore, it is used intensely in treatment of common infectious diseases, such as Covid 19. It eliminates various complaints, which are observed in Covid cases, in a short period, such as dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness, joint pain, loss of taste and smell, amnesia and palpitation etc.

What are the Benefits of Ozone Therapy Device?

Ozon therapy;

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