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What Is Armpit Sweating? How Is It Treated?

What Is Armpit Sweating? How Is It Treated?

The problem of excessive sweating on the feet area is referred to as plantar hyperhidrosis in the medical literature. It may source from intensive amount of stress and emotional reactions that are experienced by relative person, and it may also occur due to excessive activity of sweat glands. The problem of excessive sweating of the feet, which affects daily life adversely, may also cause athlete's foot and bacterial infections. Persons, who has the problem of excessive sweating on their feet, must consult to a doctor and get examined before it’s too late, and must assess the most suitable treatment option for them. Dr. Lida Çiteli, your Medical Aesthetician, explained the reasons of excessive sweating on the feet area, as well as things that are wondered about its treatment.

Why Do Our Feet Sweat?

Our body gives the reaction of sweating in order to get the balance of heat, water and salt when required. This activity is a normal and required activity. Armpits, hands and feet are the areas that sweat the most. Excessive sweating of these areas may cause bad smells, and may give damage to the social life of people. Reasons of sweating of such areas are as below:

  • Psychological reactions; various emotions, such as feeling ashamed, stress, excitement and fear etc.
  • Health problems and various drugs that must be used
  • At times, such problem may occur without any triggers, due to genetic factors and being inclined to excessive sweating by birth…
  • Things to Consider Before Getting Treatment for Sweaty Feet
  • After deciding to get treatment for sweaty feet, you must inform your doctor about the drugs that you must use. You must quit using antibiotics, blood thinners and antispasmodics in particular one week prior to your treatment, under the control of a doctor, since they may cause an intensive amount of bleeding during the treatment.

Sweaty Feet Treatment

Both men and women may experience the problem of excessive sweating of the feet. There are various treatment options, which may be used against the problem of excessive sweating of the feet. Below you may find each of these options:

Treatment of Excessive Sweating of the Feet with Iontophoresis

In iontophoresis, which is the method used to treat the problems of excessive sweating of both hands and feet, an electric current passes through the skin. Although this electric current does not remove the problem completely, it would mitigate the sweating problem of the patient for a long time. This treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Treatment with Antiperspirants

  • The complaint of sweating is mitigated by applying sprays around the feet without irritating the skin.
  • Surgical Procedures for Excessive Sweating Feet Treatment
  • Surgery is another method that is used in treatment of excessive sweating feet. This type of treatment is disadvantageous due to its complication risks and since it requires a long and complicated recovery process.

Botox Injections

Nerves that are present in relative area may be blocked by injecting Botox toxin, and the problem of excessive sweating may be removed for 6-8 months. It may be repeated easily when it is not effective anymore. There are no complications or side effects. This is the most popular treatment method that is applied against the problem of excessive sweating globally since it takes short amount of time to perform it and it is also comfortable.


It may be preferred to receive treatment by antiperspirant medications. Such drugs decrease the activity of sweat glands. Thus, the complaint of sweating is mitigated. However, there may be a lot of side effects. You may consult your doctor and assess the most suitable treatment option for you.

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