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Things You Don't Know About French Lift

Things You Don't Know About French Lift

French Lift, which is performed without any surgical interventions, provides very effective and satisfactory results. This method, which is usually used for stretching and lifting the facial area, is also used satisfactorily on various parts of the body, such as legs, arms and buttocks etc. What is French Lift and what are things that must be considered before and after this procedure? Dr. Lida Çiteli, your reliable address for medical aesthetic procedures, explained the things that are wondered about French Lift procedure just for you.

  • What is French Lift?
  • Why is French Lift Preferred?
  • Who is a Good Candidate for French Lift?
  • Which Parts of the Body is French Lift Applied?
  • How is French Lift Performed?
  • What Must Be Considered After Receiving French Lift?
  • Prices of French Lift

What is French Lift?

French Lift, which is also referred to as the non-surgical facelift procedure, is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures of recent years. It is ensured that the skin looks stretched and young with this method, which is preferred to adjust the wrinkles that may occur at the lower part of the face in particular. A rope is used in French Lift. This rope is stretched after being placed under facial muscles, and thus, required tightening is achieved. No general anesthesia is performed in this procedure, which does not included any surgical procedures. Patients may go back to their houses and normal lives right after the procedure. It is a method that is used around the world commonly in order to remove saggy skin that may occur at the lower part of the face. As in any other aesthetic procedure, recipients must consult to a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or medical aesthetician and must undergo a detailed examination beforehand.

Why is French Lift Preferred?

French Lift is the first choice of many people due to benefits it provides to recipients… Below you may find the reasons for preferring French Lift:

  • It is a non-surgical procedure
  • There are only a few risk factors involved
  • It provides a natural look
  • It produces results rapidly
  • Its effects last long

Who is a Good Candidate for French Lift?

Although French Lift is a very attractive method for removing saggy skin that may occur on the facial area, it is not a procedure suitable for everyone. French Lift is effective in light and moderate level cases of saggy skin and it is mostly effective at the lower part of the face. It is a method suitable for adults, who have a healthy skin. Yet, it is not recommended to thyroid patients, individuals with skin infections, diabetes patients, pregnant women or breast-feeding women. You may be examined by a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or medical aesthetician to see whether you are suitable to get a French Lift.

Which Parts of the Body is French Lift Applied?

Although it is mostly used on the saggy skin present at the lower part of the face, French Lift is a procedure that may be used on other parts of the body. Below you may find the list of such other parts of the body:


It is applied to remove the saggy skin on the chin, to make the chin line apparent and thus, to ensure that there is a balance on the face of the recipient.


French Lift, which removes the saggy skin on the neck, stretches the neck area. Thus, it is beneficial for double-chin.


French Lift, which is applied on cheeks, ensures that recipients get a livelier and younger appearance. It restores fullness to the cheekbones.


Saggy skin on the eyebrow area causes individuals' to look older, angrier and unhappier than they are. You may decrease bags and wrinkles around your eyes with French Lift, which may be applied on the eyebrow area.

It is also used on below areas:

  • Buttocks
  • Waist
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • It is also used on various other areas, such as breasts.

How is French Lift Performed?

Before applying French Lift, face of the recipient is cleaned with an antiseptic solution and disinfected fully. A minimal incision is made during the procedure and ropes that are produced particularly for French Lift are placed into the skin. These ropes that are suspended to facial muscles uplift the skin texture. Thus, a tightening is achieved. Several ropes may be used based on the requirement of the recipient. This procedure, which may be completed in 30 to 60 minutes, may be performed without any pain under the influence of local anesthesia.

It is normal to see mild swellings and bruises on the face of recipients after the completion of the procedure. Such affects disappear automatically after a few days. The tightening that is achieved lasts a long time.

What Must Be Considered After Receiving French Lift?

There are a few issues that must be considered after undergoing the procedure. Below you may find the list of such issues:


It is recommended for patients to rest for a sufficient amount of time, to avoids doing any hard works and exercises after undergoing a French Lift procedure.


After receiving French Lift, you must be careful about the use of inflammatory drugs and painkillers that are advised by your doctor. Yet, it is beneficial to stay away from blood thinners for several days.


It is important to drink plenty of water, to stay away from alcohol and smoking, and to adopt a healthy eating routine after the procedure.

Facial Protection

You must protect your face against blows and pressure for a while after the procedure. Various actions may give damage to your face, such as massage, rubbing and squeezing etc.

Control Appointments

You must visit your doctor for follow-up appointments at certain intervals. Please note that the recovery period varies from person to person. The more you take care of aforementioned issues, the faster and easier your recovery period will be.

Prices of French Lift

There are several factors that play a role on prices of French Lift. Costs increase as the size of the affected area increases. Specialty and experience level of the hospital, clinic and doctor you prefer play a key role on prices, as well as quality and quantity of materials that are used. In medical aesthetical procedures, it is extremely important for your health to give a decision based on the level of specialty of the clinic and doctor, rather than the price of relative procedure. Please contact us to obtain latest and clear information on prices of French Lift procedures.

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